A specialty practice devoted to relationships

Build secure attachment

Deepen connection and intimacy

Repair conflicts and ruptures

Determine a path forward


Relationships are central to our lives; often where we experience the most joy and satisfaction as well as the most distress and unhappiness. The quality of our relationships is a key factor in emotional well-being and physical health.

Are you here because...

  • You are stuck in cycles of conflict that don’t get resolved?
  • Your relationship has lost its spark and you feel like roommates?
  • You are dealing with a betrayal that has shattered your trust?
  • You are at a crossroads and need to decide about the direction of your marriage?

I help clients...

  • Get clarity about what they want
  • Strengthen their capacity to manage natural reactivity
  • Work through impasses and deal with issues more productively
  • Cultivate curiosity and compassion for each other
  • Build connection and intimacy

About Rhonda Myers

At Rhonda Myers Counseling, my mission is to provide high quality services that help you create the satisfying relationships that you long to have. I help couples look at what is working and what is not working in their relationship and join with them to address their concerns and improve the quality of their connection with each other.

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