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Couples Therapy and Coaching

Couples come to therapy for any number of concerns: drifting apart and feeling like roommates, conflict that damages their connection, difficulty with accepting differences, disillusionments, betrayals and broken trust, loss of desire, accidents or illness that has changed the relationship. Sometimes couples therapy is about repair, as in all of the above, but it is also about creating a secure attachment to each other, deepening connection, joy, fun, and playfulness as a couple.

For when you have:

  • drifted apart and feel like roommates
  • experienced conflict that is damaging your relationship
  • difficulty with accepting differences
  • experienced disillusionments that you haven’t recovered from
  • been shattered by an affair or other betrayal that has broken trust
  • lost desire and attraction or are dealing with other sexual difficulties
  • experienced an accident, illness, or other losses that has changed the relationship
  • are at an impasse and stuck in disagreement about an important decision

Couples Counseling is not only about repair. It also can help you to:

  • build secure attachment
  • work as a team
  • deepen connection and intimacy
  • strengthen your friendship
  • find appreciation, fun, and playfulness with each other again