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Couples Intensive Program

A couples intensive is a private, customized program designed to jumpstart your progress. A two-day intensive can provide the equivalent of months of traditional couples therapy. It provides an opportunity to focus exclusively on your relationship, learn new communication and conflict skills, address issues in which you have been gridlocked, and repair and deepen your connection with each other.

The two-day program is ideal for couples who:

  • Have busy and demanding schedules that make it difficult to attend weekly therapy appointments
  • Want a highly effective and focused approach that yields quick results
  • Are in a crisis and want to give their undivided attention to their relationship, away from the demands of work and family
  • Have struggled to maintain progress, or feel that they lose ground between counseling appointments
  • Are stuck at an impasse and want to make a decision about an important issue
  • Are considering divorce and want to give themselves a last chance effort to repair

What happens in a Couples Intensive?

The first step is a complimentary consultation video call where I can learn about your situation and answer questions that you have for me. If we decide to work together, you will complete detailed questionnaires that I will review prior to our meeting. This provides me with important information about your history as a couple and you as individuals. We can start our time together with a clear focus on the issues that you want to address.

Intensives can be designed as One- or Two-Day experiences and are a fusion of education, relationship coaching, and counseling. We meet from 9:00-5:00 with a 90-minute lunch break to provide you with some time to nourish and refresh before the afternoon session.

Time is given to learning how your brain reacts when in conflict and disconnection from each other, pinpoint unproductive behaviors, and identify effective strategies to change the quality of your conversations. We identify your goals to create the relationship you want to have and a roadmap to get there.

There is also time to begin to address your concerns while giving attention to managing the reactivity and stances that takes us off course. You will see where you each need to stretch to facilitate your growth as individuals and as a couple. By the end of the intensive you will have a blueprint that will guide you to have conversations and process disagreements in a more productive and effective way.